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Thank you Paul, I really appreciate your response but this is such a common issue - at least for me- every lecture pack I produce has this problem perhaps every 5 slides so its really driving me round the bend. I just leave the environment behind by default and manually add the next number  but it looks cheap and nasty. Why can’t there be an option to restart previous numbering? I seem to remember that option exists in scientific word so it must be possible to implement this as a very simple click choice? I have been pointed to the ERT route before but this is really a cry to the developers of Lyx. Thanks again Paul.

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My bad. I forgot that one of the devs (Jürgen?) already created a workaround in the form of a module. I've attached a different MWE. You just have to add the "Beamer Resumable Enumerate" module and then choose "Enumerate-Resume" rather than "Enumerate" from the environment selection list.

using package enumitem, defining an own list


putting it into a LyX layout and you can use the new list myEnum which always
has a continuing counter.

Is enumitem compatible with Beamer? The Beamer layout forbids the enumitem module.

Ah, yes. I forgot ot. But is no problem to define it without enumitem!

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