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I have many preference settings that I would like to transfer to a new MacBook 
Pro. What is the approved way to do this? Can I just copy the preference file 
and bind file in Application Support/LyX-2.3 from one computer to the other or 
what? Maybe I could copy the whole LyX-2.3 folder? Along the same lines, what 
is the best way to keep my LyX setup consistent across several computers. I use 
dropbox to sync files.


I would not copy the entire folder. After you have installed LyX on the new machine and verified it is running, you can copy the preferences file and the user.bind file in the bind subfolder. Also, you should check the templates and layouts subfolders under Application Support/LyX-2.3 and copy any custom templates, layouts and/or modules you might have. As always, if something with the same name already exists on the new machine it would safest to change the name of the file on the new machine before copying over the files from the old machine, just in case you need to undo things.

I think putting the user directory on Dropbox and syncing to all machines should be fine, so long as all machines will be running the same LyX version ... but I've never tried it myself.


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