After installation (I do that from from Homebrew) I would do

        ln -fs $HOME/Library/Application Support/LyX-2.3/preferences \

and run unison with a force from the old to the new, but installing
unison is currently not advisable for casual users as the stable mac
version suffers from a SSH issue introduced by Monterey and the
developers are working on a rewrite anyway.

rsync is too complicated so I would probably just do something like this
on the old box

        tar cvfz ~/Downloads/lyxdir.tgz ~/Library/Application\ Support/LyX-2.3
        scp ~/Downloads/lyxdir.tgz newbook.local:~/Downloads/

and on the new one

        tar xvfz ~/Downloads/lyxdir.tgz

I run unison regularly on all my systems in a star formation
synchronizing with each other, which I offer as the answer to below

As it is scriptable it was a nice exercise to script it so that it knows
where it runs and what to to exactly, but that's another story :-)-O.


On 16/03/2022 22:27, Hal Kierstead via lyx-users wrote:
All -

I have many preference settings that I would like to transfer to a new
MacBook Pro.  What is the approved way to do this?  Can I just copy
the preference file and bind file in Application Support/LyX-2.3 from
one computer to the other or what?  Maybe I could copy the whole
LyX-2.3 folder?  Along the same lines, what is the best way to keep my
LyX setup consistent across several computers.  I use dropbox to sync



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