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Hmm, a bit more complicated than I thought.  I really want the cross reference to the slide number, which is indicated in the footer. When I put \section, I get an un-numbered slide so page numbers and slide numbers are not the same. Weirdly, I put in 3 labels and 3 cross references to them. They all look the same format (even in the LaTeX code).  For some reason I can't see, 2 of them did give me a cross reference corresponding to the slide number, as I want, but the 3rd gave me what seems to be the page number (which is 4 greater than the slide number) because I have 4 \sections before this.

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    > Can I make a reference to a page number in a beamer document?  How?
    When you say "beamer document", do you mean a Beamer slide show or a
    Beamer article class document?

    For a slide show, you can put the cursor in either the title or
    body of
    the frame to be referenced and use Insert > Label... to insert a
    Then, where the page number should appear, use Insert >
    Cross-Reference..., pick the label of the target frame, and set the
    "Reference Format:" box to one of the three options that contains

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It might help if you provided an MWE (just enough to show an incorrect slide number.
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