On 2023-07-13 10:48, Daniel wrote:

With LyX 2.4, the shortcut for toggling emphasis will be changed from Command+E to Command+Ctrl+E. I find that latter shortcut quite hard to use (there is a reason why Alt+Ctl+Delete are the "Security Keys") while emphasis is maybe my single most used function with a shortcut (after cut, copy, paste). So, this cumbersome shortcut is quite annoying to me.

Of course I can easily change the shortcut myself via the settings and fix the problem for me. But I am wondering whether there is a better shortcut for this by default. The developers have not come up with ideas so far or do not see the problem as severe. So, I am wondering whether someone on the users list has an input on this.

As a background: In LyX 2.4, the Command+E shortcut is currently assigned to set the search string on macOS. (A feature of macOS that some applications support but I was unaware of previously and I know no one else who uses it. I guess that is generally true and why it took so long until someone came up with introducing it in LyX.)


Looks like no one came up with a similarly good shortcut as the old one. That might not be too surprising. Unfortunately, it will leave macOS users in the dust with the next major version.


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