Thanks. OK -- then I have to switch to luatex... (I use MikTeX -- does that 
distribution contain luatex?)

Anyways, I'll defer it to when LyX 2.4 is released. At that stage, I also need 
to make sure that I can have Unicode fonts in computer listing.


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Am 30.07.23 um 10:35 schrieb Bernt Lie via lyx-users:
> I'm trying to define the "plimsoll" symbol (used to indicate 
> thermodynamic standard condition). I found on the internet the 
> following suggestion:
> \newcommand\plimsoll{{\circ\kern-0.495em-}}
> Seems like a good number ("0.495" -- I've also tried with "0.415") 
> depends on the font size... Here is what it looks like in a Section 
> heading (ok with “0.415”):

use lualatex and unicode-math. Write into the preamble



then the following will work:

H${}^{\plimsoll}$ $G^{\plimsoll}$

H${}^{\plimsoll}$ $G^{\plimsoll}$

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