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On Dec 6, 2023, at 2:05 PM, Richard Kimberly Heck <rikih...@gmail.com> wrote:
On 12/6/23 05:24, Patrick Dupre via lyx-users wrote:

Can I suggest to have in the "View" tab an option to zoom in, and zoom out?
It could be also a short cut to generate these behaviors like ctl -, and
ctl + or Up ctl +
Those shortcuts work here. You're on Fedora, right? Me, too.

They work under MacOS as well (2.4.0~beta5). And you can add those options yourself 
to the “View” menu by making a copy of stdmenus.inc (found in the “ui” subdirectory 
of your LyX hierarchy — probably /usr/local/share in LInux?), sticking it in a 
directory called “ui" your local .lyx directory (~/Library/Application 
Support/LyX-2.4 under MacOS) and adding the lines

Item "Zoom In|+" "buffer-zoom-in"
Item "Zoom Out|-" "buffer-zoom-out"

LyX will complain that the accelerator is not in the menu text. But maybe one could d0:

Item "Zoom In (+)|+" "buffer-zoom-in"

to the section of the file containing the View menu items.

It's probably worth having this in the View menu by default. It's not terribly crowded, unlike some of the other menus. But we can't do it now, because we can't add new strings until 2.4.0 is out.


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