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Can I suggest to have in the "View" tab an option to zoom in, and zoom out? It could be also a short cut to generate these behaviors like ctl -, and
ctl + or Up ctl +
Those shortcuts work here. You're on Fedora, right? Me, too.

They work under MacOS as well (2.4.0~beta5). And you can add those options yourself to the “View” menu by making a copy of stdmenus.inc (found in the “ui” subdirectory of your LyX hierarchy — probably /usr/local/share in LInux?), sticking it in a directory called “ui" your local .lyx directory (~/Library/Application Support/LyX-2.4 under MacOS) and adding the lines

Item "Zoom In|+" "buffer-zoom-in"
Item "Zoom Out|-" "buffer-zoom-out"

LyX will complain that the accelerator is not in the menu text. But maybe one could do:

Item "Zoom In (+)|+" "buffer-zoom-in"

to the section of the file containing the View menu items.

Ah, yes, I didn’t see the complaint because I wasn’t firing up LyX from the command line. But the code I suggested still works just fine under both MacOS and Linux, for me anyway.

Yes, it should work, just with the complaint.


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