On 1/17/24 14:32, Rich Shepard wrote:
On Wed, 17 Jan 2024, Rich Shepard wrote:

Modifying a fifth document I notice that a sub-section is not numbered and
while I can save it pressing ctrl-h to build it with pdflatex causes a
message box to appear saying I've hit a bug.

I corrected a couple of spelling errors in one of the other files, saved,
and compiled it without error. This is a client document so I cannot make a
MWE from it or share it with the world.

Given that 2.3.6-1 is quite old now, one would hope this did not crash is more recent versions.

It is possible to anonymize the file. Open the minibuffer and type "buffer-anonymize". Maybe first save it under a different filename! Does it still crash?


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