I am clearly doing something stupid with a program listing in LyX. The code in 
the listing is fragment of SQL (for SQLite3)

“name string" regexp "^(\w| |`|'|’|-)+, (\w| |`|'|’|-)+, "
That is the regular expression checks for ` ‘ and ’ (backtick, straight quote 
and right quote). The program listing element is set to Language SQL and Font 
Family to Typewriter.

Unfortunately, as probably expected, when generating View PDF LyX bitches about 
the presence of one or more of the backtick and right quote. LyX does not allow 
for TeX code to be inserted into a Program Listing otherwise I would replace 
the errant character(s) with the appropriate TeX controls.

I do not recall where I can change the character code within LyX; vague memory 
of seeing it somewhere but it is not on the Document Settings dialog nor the 
Preferences dialog.

For completeness the document is using the Tufte Handout class (with a local 
layout to force use of old style bibtex citations). LyX version 2.3.7 running 
on macOS Sonoma 14.1.2,

Regards, Trevor.

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