What I really HATE are those errors coming and going without reason
(it happens with my car engine too, sometimes...)
I don't understand TeX, doesnt want to, and thats why I use LyX.
I had to curse the heavens to install the bloody Revtex4 package, God knows 
how but I made it.
I wrote a whole article with it. Now, 2 days after - not having done anything 
I swear to my TeX install - I got some 10 errors when viewing it postscript.

Then I notice the dreaded:
... Package graphics Error: No driver specified ...

saying that I need a graphics.cfg file. 
Yet a file /usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/config/graphics.cfg exists! Well, I try 
creating a graphics.cfg file in my doc directory, with \ExecuteOptions{dvips} 

Then again I get an error saying that dvips.def cannot be found - yet it is in 
/usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/graphics/dvips.def . 
I copy it in the doc directory,

and finally


it works

what exactly happened?
I swear I didnt change anything, why I had to do all this kinda steps???

I got the impression that somehow TeX/Latex/LyX didnt know exactly the paths 
anymore, but that's just an impression ... 

any idea? I'd hate to follow again all those steps...


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