Strange as it may seem,
I have the >opposite< problem:
I often happen to change a figure (usually I use: insert wide figure Float, 
and inside: insert graphics),
but my change isnt reflected in Ghostview, both by a preview postscript or by 
an update postscript:
I have to exit and restart LyX!
Seems strange and opposite to what you see.
BTW I have 1.2.1 too.



On Tuesday 26 November 2002 09:29, Peer Frank wrote:
> Hi !
> LyX (1.2.1) is converting all the figures for each preview or update
> which is getting annoying for documents with plenty of figures.
> - isn't it possible to have this done only once (initial run or after
> any change on graphics files) and keep the converted files in a tmp
> directory ?

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