On Sun, 24 Oct 2004 08:51:50 -0700, Kenward Vaughan
> Use multicol package at the beginning of the first nested item, then
> the end of the last nested item.
>         1. A line of text.
>           (a) <ERT>\begin{multicols}{2}<endERT>First item
>           (b) 2nd item
>           (c) 3rd item
>           (d) 4th item<ERT>\end{multicols}<endERT>
>         2. etc.

Thanks, Kenward and Eric. According to Herbert's example (for
non-nested enumerate environments), one should insert, just before
<ERT>\end{multicols}<endERT>, the following ERT:


It also seems to improve the aesthetics of the nested enumerate environment.


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