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I have read several times the "Float Placement" section and I have not finded any clue of how to
1) forbid more than one figure per page, in a page with text, or

You can only force that LaTeX puts floats on a separate page without text. But you can for example set a \pagebreak in ERT or a pagebreak vie LyX's menu (note that they are different) directly before the float to force its appearace on the next page. You can also adjust the bottompagefraction within the document at the critical positions or globally. You can use LaTeX's default settings or ignore it, you can set the float placement order tbp, etc. as described.

2) set the distance between figures.

This is not possible because you have floats and that means they can float to the position where LateX thinks it's the best or you adjusted with the parameters I listed above. If you really need a definite float place then use the "here definetively " placement option and insert a vertical space between two consecutive floats.

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