It turns out that the logotype letterhead I use with OO.o Writer is not
usable within LyX. The pdf is not accepted by LyX (I apparently lost ps4pdf
during an upgrade somewhere), and I cannot translate the file to .eps
because OO.o's pdf generator is not Adobe compliant.

  Years ago I started the long, painful process of adding an additional
Type1 typeface to LaTeX. Gave up when the process took too much time,
effort, and re-reading of multiple docs.

  The typeface is Baker Signet. I've used it for the company for about 15
years now, and I'd like to use it in LyX documents. The company name is
written in small caps, the rest in upper and lower case.

  Has it become any easier to install a new typeface in several fonts? If
not, what are my options for preparing it as an EPS file for inclusion in a
document? That typeface is not available within the GIMP, and that's more of
a raster-based drawing tool than it is a vector-based tool. Xfig also does
not have Baker Signet available.


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