I'm new to Lyx and I'm hoping that the problems I'm encountering are just due 
to my ignorance.  I have a large existing code base in my development 
environment which I am going to be copying into my Lyx document as program 
listings.  I had an existing Latex document with program listings in it using 
the lstlisting environment. When I imported this document into Lyx all of the 
newlines in the program listings disappeared.

Similarly, if I copy code from my development environment (Visual Studio 2008) 
and paste it into a program listing block in Lyx all of the newlines are 
discarded.  If I have a properly formatted program listing, with newlines,  in 
a Lyx document and I export the Lyx document to a Latex file and then import 
the Latex file back into Lyx all of the newlines in program listing blocks 

It's terribly inconvenient and time-consuming to have to reinsert all of the 
newlines by hand and retyping the code in Lyx is also an unattractive option 
because I have so much of it and because this will certainly introduce 
transcription errors.

Is this newline deletion a bug or is there something I can set to prevent the 
newlines from disappearing?

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