On Tuesday 04 March 2008 16:18, Juergen Spitzmueller wrote:
> Paul A. Rubin wrote:
> >> I'm new to Lyx and I'm hoping that the problems I'm encountering are
> >> just due to my ignorance.  I have a large existing code base in my
> >> development environment which I am going to be copying into my Lyx
> >> document as program listings.  I had an existing Latex document with
> >> program listings in it using the lstlisting environment. When I
> >> imported this document into Lyx all of the newlines in the program
> >> listings disappeared.
> >
> > Confirmed.
> The listings inset has some deficiencies (it cannot handle tabs yet and it
> doesn't handle whitespace well in general). For such a case, I'd recommend
> to keep the listings in a text file and include them via
> Insert->File->Child Document, where you can chose "Program Listing" from
> the combo.

Why would one use the listings inset rather than just using the LyXCode 
environment? The former isn't easily visible in the LyX environment, the 
latter is. The former is ERT, the latter isn't.


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