Steve Litt wrote:
On Friday 21 March 2008 02:14, rgheck wrote:
Geevarghese Philip wrote:
  I have no root permission on my Linux machine, and I would like to
install LyX1.5.x on it. Is there a way to get precompiled binaries for
Lyx1.5.x that can be installed in my home directory without root
permissions, and which has all the dependencies built in to it?
Precompiled, I don't know, but you can usually install packages you
compile yourself to local directories by setting the PREFIX variable:
./configure --prefix=/home/gphilip/. This will install LyX into
/home/gphilip/bin, /home/gphilip/share/, etc. You'll also need to set
some environment variables, I believe, so that the libraries will be
found, if you have to install any dependencies, but those can be handled
the same way.

That said, perhaps it's easier to get root to install LyX for you.


Or, you can do what I sometimes do -- don't do the make install at all, and just run it out of the directory where it was compiled (whatever/lyx-1.5.x/src, I think).
Indeed. I should have mentioned that. I do this for all the development versions.

Somewhere in my path (hopefully you have write permissions to at least one path directory), I make a simple shellscript that runs the LyX binary you compiled there.

And you can presumably change your path by editing .bashrc.


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