I am trying to use the following layout file, which rgheck kindly provided me, to typeset my document.


#% Do not delete the line below; configure depends on this
#  \DeclareLaTeXClass[report]{amsreport}

Format 4

Input stdclass.inc
Input amsdefs.inc
Input numreport.inc

Style Bibliography
        TopSep                4
        LabelString           "Bibliography"
          Series              Bold
          Size                Huge


The problem with this layout is that it prepends the number of the relevant subsection to the number of each theorem, definition, etc. I want to get sequential numbering for theorem etc., without the subsection numbers.

For this I changed "Input amsdefs.inc" to "Input amsmaths-seq.inc" (as suggested by rgheck), after which I got an error saying \theoremstyle is not defined. When I checked the tex file exported by LyX, I saw that indeed \theoremstyle is being used without any package that defines it being imported.

So I added the following lines after the Format line and before the Input lines:




(I added the invocations to \theoremstyle and \newtheorem just for testing).

When I reconfigure, restart LyX and generate a tex file from my document, the tex file does not contain the contents of this preamble anywhere -- the Preamble...EndPreamble block is completely being ignored by LyX.

Please help me fix this : I want to have "\usepackage{amsthm}" included somewhere near the very beginning of the output tex file, so that it is present before the first invocation of \theoremstyle --- puting "\usepackage{amsthm}" in the document preamble doesn't help, so I guess it must be somewhere withing the layout file.


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