rgheck wrote:

This is a bug of sorts in the 1.5 layout system, I expect. The problem is that the preamble later gets redefined and your bit gets over-written. Try adding this at the end:
Style Theorem
I think that'll work.

Thanks, but unfortunately it doesn't work. I added this snippet to the end of the amsreport layout file, but the error persists.

One thing I noticed in the output tex file was that the very first lines are like the following:


The corresponding lines in the .lyx file are:

\lyxformat 276
\textclass amsreport

How does this \usepackage{amssymb} invocation get included in the tex preamble right at the top? I didn't include this in the preamble of the document. It is not mentioned in the amsreport.layout file, nor in the three files that this file "Inputs" : stdclass.inc, amsmaths-seq.inc, and numreport.inc. How does LyX know to include this invocation then? Perhaps I can modify the file which causes this line to be included to serve my purpose?


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