On Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 11:59 PM, Bruce Pourciau
>> Not really, these messages can be caused by pretty much anything.
>> Try cutting text until it finally compiles. Then uncut text until you
>> find where the bit that is causing trouble. (It is quite often that
>> this is needed. Perhaps there should be an automated tool to do this?)
> But why would it compile in 1.3.4 and not in 1.5.4?

I think that in 1.3.4 "View -> PDF" didn't output any PDF specific
code where as 1.5.4 does. Does View->DVI/PS work?

Did you do the "full" upgrade and upgade LaTeX or just upgrade LyX?

It is also possible some other file has gone missing/been changed
since, and that this has nothing to do with lyx 1.3.4 vs 1.5.4.

> I can try rewriting all
> the places where an error pops up,

It is possible that all the errors have a single cause.

> but I'd prefer not to, if it can be
> avoided.
> Bruce

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