Ok, I reproduced this on my machine and sorted it out. The problem is that LyX passes the path to the output file (sitting in your temporary buffer directory) as "C:/whatever/whatever.pdf". Acrobat Reader is apparently too stupid to cope with the Unix style separators (/ rather than \), unlike most of the programs I run on my Win boxes.

So there are a couple of alternatives that will work. One is to write a batch file that takes the path, swaps separators (a one-line sed script could do this), then calls AcroRd32 with the Windows-fied path. The other is easier *if* you are willing to have Acrobat Reader be the system default reader for PDFs. You may already have that -- if double-clicking a PDF icon opens it in AR, you're there. The easy solution is to put Acrobat Reader's directory on your system path and leave the viewer setting as 'auto' in LyX.


bigblop wrote:
Have done as you recommended, I can see that the command "Executing command
acrord32.exe..." is run but acroread does not open. If I press
Ctrl-alt-delete I can see the acrord32.exe process and need to manualy
terminate it if I want to run acroread from windows again.

Paul A. Rubin wrote:
bigblop wrote:
I use LyX 1.5.4 for winXP. I have installed adobe reader in:

C:\Programmer\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe

I need to specify the whole path to the above file if I want to use it as
the PDF previewer. But I get an error since there is a space in the
foldername "Reader 8.0". If I manually remove the space all my PDF files
no longer associated with Adobe Reader.

How do I specify a PDF viewer with a space in the filename?

Put the path on Tools -> Preferences -> Paths -> PATH prefix (spaces and all), then just put acrord32.exe as the viewer.


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