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> Hey there!
> I have been using Lyx. 1.4. for over a year and never had a problem. All of
> the sudden I was not able to convert into .pdf anymore. I decided to
> uninstall and install 1.5 now. The same problem occurs. Whenever I try to
> view the file as a .pdf, the following screen pops up:
> Keine Information vorhanden, um Dateien im -Format nach png zu
> konvertieren.
> Definieren Sie einen Konverter in den Einstellungen.
> (it's in German, I am sorry. it says: No information available to convert
> data from -format to png. Define a converter in your preferences.)
> which I tried but somehow I can't manage to solve the problem. Needless to
> say, that I am not very fit in all this. It has just been working perfectly
> all the time...
> Maybe you can help me,
> Thank you for taking any troubles,
> Matthias Erren

Erez Yerushalmi
PhD Candidate
Warwick University, UK

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