> Perhaps our best hope of continuing tweakability of native LyX is to create 
> 1.5.x to XML and XML to 1.5.x converters. Then all the parsing/tweaking can 
> continue to be done in the 1.5.x format.

as have written others 1.6 is still ok. for lyx files assembly you can still
make what you want in 1.6 format and lyx2lyx will convert for you to 1.7 etc.

next possibility is to stick with 1.6 as long as possible :)

> The only thing you and I would have to do is the XML to 1.5.x converter. I'm 

this will be part of the the fileformat transition in lyx itself. moreover xml 
is not my religion, so i will try to keep myself as far as possible from any
xml related coding :D


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