On Wednesday 23 July 2008 19:24:16 Pavel Sanda wrote:
> this depends on what you master. i'm used on the bunch of small unix
> utilities so i gave that sed example. if you know python you will do in
> python. my point was not propose the best tools but to groan and moan about
> xml :)

FWIW this chunk is from one of my shell scripts:

echo $1
for i in {8..40}
    echo -n '.'
    w=`printf "%.2d0" $i`
    ./dfa -s -w $w < $1.dat | ./join-lag.py -l $w -r $1.dates > $f
    cut -f1,2 $f | join -a1 dfa.dat - > tmp.dat
    mv tmp.dat dfa.dat

So as you can see I know more than python. :-)
And yes I know this only works with bash, and that is OK with me. :-)

My point is that it is alright to use the small tools of the trade but we can 
do better because lyx documents are richer than just pure text.

I am not saying that your usage is wrong what I claim is that we need better 
script tools to handle lyx documents. Those tools should be stable across lyx 
versions and should not depend of any particular file format.

> pavel

José Abílio

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