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Marwan Boustany wrote:

Is there a way to put math (using ctrl-m in windows) into a footnote?

When I tried, the document would not allow conversion into pdf or any
other format. Only when removed would it work.

This shouldn't be a problem. I do it all the time. There must be some
other issue. See if you can get the attached file to work. If not, we
can start there. If so, there must be another issue in your file.



I tried to open it, you see what i saw in the three pictures.

I have full miktex 2.7 installed, up to date.
lyx on windows xp sp3

Thank you for your time

Ok the images are not available for download... Well I see the text and footnote... That was the what I see attachment.

The first error says:

The layout file requested by this document, paper. layout, is not usable. This is probably because a LaTeX class or style File required by it is not available, See the Customization documentation For more information, LyX will not be able to produce output.

The second error says:

No inlormation or exporting the Format PDF (pdIlatex).

Thank you for your time...


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