On 24.07.08, rgheck wrote:
> Bruce Pourciau wrote:
>> A paper I'm writing has a googolplex of symbols with an  
>> \overrightarrow overhead. What would be the best way to make these  
>> insertions in math mode as quick as possible?

> Well, you can shorten \overrightarrow by defining a quick math-macro, e.g.:
> \newcommand{\ora}[1]{\overrightarrow{#1}}
> Remember that you can actually type that into LyX, then highlight it,  
> and hit Ctrl-M to declare the macro. 

Good hint. (Should be put in the Math guide (if it is not already there and
it still works with the new math macros in 1.6).)

> And then, if you like, you can define a shortcut for this: "math-insert
> \ora" is the function you would want.

Well, with a shortcut defined in a bind file, you might even leave out
the math-macro definition and do 

  bind  <your key>   "math-insert \overrightarrow"

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