rgheck wrote:
Bruce Pourciau wrote:
A paper I'm writing has a googolplex of symbols with an \overrightarrow overhead. What would be the best way to make these insertions in math mode as quick as possible?

Well, you can shorten \overrightarrow by defining a quick math-macro, e.g.:
Remember that you can actually type that into LyX, then highlight it, and hit Ctrl-M to declare the macro. And then, if you like, you can define a shortcut for this: "math-insert \ora" is the function you would want.

FYI, you can also type 'math-macro ora 1' in the mini-buffer, then put the cursor in the first of the two boxes in the created inset and type '\#1' (omitting the quotes both times). The second box is irrelevant. Does the same thing as what Richard suggested.

However, I'd be tempted to take a different route. Pick a key combination you don't have much use for and bind it to 'math-insert \overrightarrow'. Then whack that key combo while you're in a math inset and type whatever your vectorizing under the arrow.


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