I used LyX up to now for basic tasks, but now I have to use the Elsevier
class, and I'm discovering a lot of new problems.
I chosed LyX right to avoid all the complexities of the Tex/LaTeX world, and
I'd be very sorry if to simply switch classes this was not sufficient!

By choosing New->From template->elsart.lyx, even the standard template is
unable to be compiled, giving the errors:

1) undefined control sequence on " \title{Insert your Title Here}"
2) Missing number, treated as zero , always on \title
3) improper 'at' size (0.0pt), replaced by 10pt, always on \title
4) Missing = inserted for \ifnum on \author{Author's name}
5) Missing number, treated as zero, always on \author

Yet, I have:
/usr/share/lyx/templates/elsart.lyx and /usr/share/lyx/layouts/elsart.layout
(both by lyx-1.5.5-1.fc8)
and the directory /usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/elsart containing elsart.cls,
elsart5.cls (and yes, after installing it I did texhash on 
/usr/share/texmf, followed by reconfigure on lyx)

what's happening? I'm completely lost - and the article deadline is nearer
and nearer!

local system: Linux Fedora fc8

thank you for any help!


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