alexxx wrote:
I used LyX up to now for basic tasks, but now I have to use the Elsevier
class, and I'm discovering a lot of new problems.
I chosed LyX right to avoid all the complexities of the Tex/LaTeX world, and
I'd be very sorry if to simply switch classes this was not sufficient!

By choosing New->From template->elsart.lyx, even the standard template is
unable to be compiled, giving the errors:

1) undefined control sequence on " \title{Insert your Title Here}"
2) Missing number, treated as zero , always on \title
3) improper 'at' size (0.0pt), replaced by 10pt, always on \title
4) Missing = inserted for \ifnum on \author{Author's name}
5) Missing number, treated as zero, always on \author

Yet, I have:
/usr/share/lyx/templates/elsart.lyx and /usr/share/lyx/layouts/elsart.layout
(both by lyx-1.5.5-1.fc8)
and the directory /usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/elsart containing elsart.cls,
elsart5.cls (and yes, after installing it I did texhash on /usr/share/texmf, followed by reconfigure on lyx)

what's happening? I'm completely lost - and the article deadline is nearer
and nearer!

local system: Linux Fedora fc8

thank you for any help!


As Bob said, the first thing to do is to make sure that elsart.cls is being found. (I would run 'kpsewhich elsart.cls' to verify that texhash did its job.) Assuming it shows up, and I suspect it will, try doing the new from template approach and export the document as a .tex file, then post it here. That's just to make sure that nothing is creeping into the document that might break it.

Also, you might want to verify that your LaTeX installation is up to date.

The template compiles fine for me (LyX 1.5.6, Win XP).


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