I just wanted to share a simple and probably imperfect layout module for LyX 1.6. I do not know much about LaTeX, so I used the examples provided with LyX and google to create this file. I called it "moremathsfunctions.module" (it should be placed in the "layouts" folder in the lyx 1.6 preference folder of your home directory -- in "Application Data" for windows users), and here is the content (between the dashed lines, so people can comment on the code):

#\DeclareLyXModule{More Maths Functions}
#Additional functions: erf, erfc, sinc, sgn , missing hyperbolic & inverse hyperbolic functions, #Fourier transform & inverse, logarithms in base 10 and 2, floor/ceil (letters and mathematical

# Author : Olivier Ripoll

Format 7

Requires        amsmath,mathrsfs

         {\left\lfloor {#1} \right\rfloor}
         {\left\lceil #1 \right\rceil}

As the description says, this module simply defines several useful math functions that are not available by default (I hope I did not overwrite existing LaTeX stuff). There are two versions of the "floor" and "ceil" functions, the one with a capital letter must be followed by \{xxx} where xxx is the number to which it is applied. It provides an aspect like in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Floor_function

I used http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mathematical_functions as a reference for the functions I added. And before someone says so, Fourier transform and its inverse are not functions, but I do not care ;-)

I hope this can be helpful to someone. I like this layout module feature a lot, I created another one with custom char styles for filenames and code, based on Martin Vermeer's "logicalmkup.module".

Small question: should I change the "Format 7" to "Format 8" ?

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