On Sat, Aug 16, 2008 at 2:19 AM, Jürgen Spitzmüller
> Geevarghese Philip wrote:
>> I am using LyX 1.5.5 on Linux. In math mode, \cdot appears as \times
>> should (as an 'X' shape) on the screen. The dvi output is fine -- \cdot
>> appears as a centred dot. I have attached a sample lyx file which has
>> this problem.
>>    Is this a known problem? What would be a workaround? Which
>> configuration file(s) control(s) LyX's display of math symbols on the
>> screen?
> Works here. This is probably a problem with your font installation.
> Jürgen

I see the same problem on Ubuntu 8.04 with LyX 1.5.5. on screen
appearance of \cdot and \times is the same, "x".  Also, screen
translation of \succ fails, and just shows "succ".

Ubuntu supplies texlive 2007

What do you think might be wrong with the font installation?  I was a
Fedora user until now, and the mathml package was installed with lyx
and it seemed to take care of things like this. I could use a little
Ubuntu/Debian related help.  Which font is lyx looking for?


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