Nasir Amra wrote:
So far I'm pleased with how lyx shortens the learning curve for using latex. 
However, I have several problems converting the document into either rtf or an 
openoffice document ( publisher's demanding .doc instead of latex or pdf).

1. Converting to .rtf : When I use natbib , numerical option, with sort&compress option, citation format [#ID}, I get an rtf file which does not have any citations in the file.

2. When using the converter to an opendocument:
Everything converts including the bibliography, however, the references are all running together instead of each reference starting a separate line ( e,g: 1.
Vellios F, Bacz JM, Shumacker HB. Lipoblastomatosis: A tumor of fetal
fat different from hibernoma. Report of a case, with observations of
embryogenesis of human adipose tissue. Am J Pathol.
1958;34:1149–1159. 2. Chung EB, Enzinger FM. Benign
lipoblastomatosis. An analysis of 35 cases. Cancer. 1973
Aug;32(2):482–492. 3. Chen Z, Coffin CM, Scott S, Meloni-Ehrig A,
Shepard R, Issa B, et al. Evidence by spectral karyotyping that
8q11.2 is nonrandomly involved in lipoblastoma. J Mol Diagn. 2000
Are there any workarounds to these problems?

LyX relies upon external programs to do these conversions, and they all have their quirks. The sad truth, I'm afraid, is that perfectly painless conversion to rtf and odt isn't possible, and you're always going to have to do some tweaking by hand.


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