Well, I tried the proposed solutions here but they didn't produce what I want. Setting linespace to a negative value is generally an option but I have multiline input (linebreaks inside the table cells), so I need a little space between the horizontal lines and the content of the cell. But I want that space to be colored and not white. I could neither find something on this in the Embedded Objects Manual.
So, I post a small LyX file with the table, as Paul suggested.

Attachment: booktabsncolor.lyx
Description: Binary data

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Am 05.10.2008 um 02:44 schrieb Paul A. Rubin:

Johannes Knaus wrote:
How can I achieve fully colored table cells using booktabs (i.e. "formal" table option) and colortbl? When I put ERT \cellcolor{gray} inside a table cell it appears gray the output but there remains some white space between the gray box and the upper and lower table line (see attached screenshot). Is it possible to fill the cell seemlessly / to color also this remaining white space? Within the "Additional Space" dialog I have already set anything to "None".

AFAIK it should fill the cell by default, unless something else is in play. Can you post a small LyX file that produces your image?


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