On 25/10/2008 17:49, William Seager wrote:
Hi all. I'm not sure this is a problem or just reflects
the unfinished state of lyx 1.6. But I have a large-ish
document (about 140 pages when output to pdf).
On my old slow laptop running lyx 1.5.6 (under gentoo
linux btw) this loads in 2 seconds. On my fast, dual
core amd64 architecture (also gentoo) the same
document takes 37 seconds to load.

Is this just debugging code or something slowing down
the rc, or should I be worried?

How long the UserGuide takes to load?

If anything 1.6 should be faster to load any 1.6 document than 1.5 to load 1.5 documents, unless it was compiled with stdlib debug.

I guess the 37 seconds you are seeing is probably due to lyx2lyx conversion. Please try to save your document in 1.6 format and then load it again. Be warned though that this won't be openable in 1.5 anymore, so make a backup.


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