Hmm. I think this is a consequence of modularization of the AMS files. You did this in 1.6.x, yes?

Sorry, I forgot to give my settings:
lyx 1.6.1 installed in ubuntu 8.10 via backport repository, with no customization and a freshly created default ~/.lyx

We'll have to fix this, if so.

If you do, please let me know what I should do while waiting for the fix in the repository.

Until the fix will be done and available on the repository, for the moment I "demodulized" amsart: I copied amsart.layout in ~/.lyx/layouts, then I removed the line

DefaultModule theorems-ams

and I inserted in its place the content of theorems-ams.module.

Did I do it in the right way? I think so, because it works...  ;-))


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