I was able to get some of it solved by putting the following in the preamble:
\setlength\fboxsep{0pt} \setlength\fboxrule{1pt} 
This fixed the box to be tight around the image and of 1 point thickness.
This made the tables tight horizontally.
I was looking for a similar command for the row separation (tabrowsep) - but
my doc would not compile, so I assume that the row separation works
Does anyone know how to set table row separation? This would be of great

Tal Kenig wrote:
> Hello all.
> I have searched for this for a long time, but could not find a
> satisfactory solution.
> I usually insert figures into tables (which reside inside figure floats).
> The problem is that lyx automatically inserts white spaces above, below,
> to the left and to the right of the figures.
> Sometimes I wish to get rid of that behavior, and to remove or reduce the
> white spaces.
> I can sometimes do it by inserting negative spaces, but this is tedious
> work.
> In addition, sometimes I have a figure which has white background, and I
> want to add a thin black line around it, but it also has to be tight. I
> tried a single cell table or a box inside the main table.
> Once again, I am faced with the white spaces plus the alignment of the
> table sometimes get messed up.
> I would really appreciate it if someone could offer a remedy to this
> situation, preferably a preamble fix.
> Thanks in advance, 
> Tal.

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