Reuven Segev schrieb:

With the 1.6.2 unavailable yet im the classic version: - Does it make sense to wait?

Both installers should work in every case, so I think you can give it a try.
(OK, I'm not objective, because I provide the alternative installer ;-) .)

 - Will the "alternative" installer remove the 1.6.1 "classic" or co-exist with 

It should leave LyX 1.6.1 installed, but note that this could lead to intereferences between LyX 1.6.1 and 1.6.2 in general. So I recommend to uninstall LyX 1.6.1 and install 1.6.2 afterwards.

 - In case I use the alternative installer, will I have to insert all my
preferences, customization, etc. again?

Your preferences should be kept as they are, even when you uninstall LyX. (The uninstaller has a checkbox for this feature). To be sure, safe your preferences (look in LyX's preferences to see the path where they are stored.

regards Uwe

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