Am Sunday 19 April 2009 00:24:38 schrieb James Sutherland:
> I think that I may have found a bug in LyX.
> 1. Create a footnote.
> 2. In the footnote, insert a hyperlink
> 3. In the "target" field of the hyperlink, insert a URL with a "#"
> sign in it, i.e.
> Latex fails to compile this document.
> A hyperlink with a "#" in the target works as long as it is NOT in a
> footnote.
> I have attached a trivially simple file that exposes this problem.
> This worked in 1.6.0.  (Actually, I have a file that used this in
> 1.6.0rc3 - I haven't tried recompiling that particular file since
> then...
> Can anyone verify that this is a bug?

confirmed (LyX1.6.2):
error message:

illegal parameter number in definition of h...@tempa
You meant to type ## instead of #, right?
Or maybe a } was forgotten somewhere earlier, and things
are all screwed up? I'm going to assume that you meant ##.

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