The cocoAspell installer puts cocoAspell.service into
~/Library/Services - that works fine on my machine with Tiger and a
single user.

For a multi-user machine under Leopard, that service needs to be
moved, by root, to /Library/Services

This solved my cocoAspell problems with Lyx and Skim on Leopard.

-- Rich

On Sat, Apr 18, 2009 at 5:53 PM, Anders Host-Madsen
<> wrote:
> Richard Talley <rich.tal...@...> writes:
>> Any suggestions? Anybody on the list successfully using cocoAspell
>> with LyX on Leopard?
> It works fine for me under Leopard. I don't believe I did anything
> specialto install it, just follow the instructions. Maybe try to
> uninstall and reinstall?

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