Hello LyX-Users,

I installed MacTeX 2008, cocoAspell 2.0.4.i86,  Skim 1.2.1, and LyX
1.6.2 on an Intel Mac running Leopard (10.5.6).

I have almost exactly the same setup on my personal machine except
it's MacTeX 2007, Tiger (10.4.11) and, obviously, cocoAspell

Works like a charm on my machine. On the Intel Mac, cocoAspell appears
to be installed correctly, it's available as a spelling service to
TextEdit, exactly the same path is in the Alternative language field
of Preferences: Language Settings: Spellchecker.

(the path is /Library/Application
Support/cocoAspell/aspell6-en-6.0-0/english.alias, as the Wiki

When I go to spellcheck on the Intel installation, LyX
does.........absolutely nothing (other than showing (dialog-show
spellchecker: F7) in the status bar.) No error, no spell check dialog,

I want to deploy this setup to a classroom of a couple of dozen Macs
in order to teach a short "Why the power of LyX and TeX will save you
time and effort" type class, but this one simple thing has turned into
a showstopper.

Any suggestions? Anybody on the list successfully using cocoAspell
with LyX on Leopard?

Here's another anomaly I just noticed. Although TextEdit is quite
happy to use the Aspell spelling service, when I try to set Skim to
use it, Skim complains with a "Couldn't contact Spell Checker." That
gives me a hint that there is something not quite right with the
cocoAspell spelling service, but heck if I know what it is.

-- Rich

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