Hi Alex,

Thanks for this. The html file looks very good indeed. However, was
wondering if it would be possible to have separate html files for each page
(as is possible with Plastex). Also, noticed that the table of contents
isn't displayed. Is it in the works?


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Hi Parul,

>> I am trying to convert a latex document to html on Windows using Plastex.
>> The latex document has png and eps images. On running the Plastex command
>> for conversion, I get the following error. Any ideas what is going on?
> No, but you should give this new program a try:
> http://www.nongnu.org/elyxer/

Yes, please give eLyXer a try. Version 0.15 has just been published
with a few improvements. If your favorite mirror does not carry it
yet, just go to

Your document is rendered acceptably, although the date does not come
out centered -- it will be solved for next version. If you need
anything else to make it work for you just let me know.



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