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Copy the buffer-view_pdf2.png and buffer-update_pdf2.png icons to buffer-
view_pdf4.png and buffer-update_pdf4.png in your LyX user directory (create a new icons folder, if not already there).

The correct folder is "images".

Then copy the stdtoolbars.ui file from the LyX System directory to your LyX user directory (new folder "ui"), and add the following lines to the
"view/update" section:

Item "View PDF (XeTeX)" "buffer-view pdf4"
Item "Update PDF (XeTeX)" "buffer-update pdf4"
This will add two new buttons.

The correct name is stdtoolbars.ui.

Thank you very much for your input! Thats extremely practical indeed.

Just one question though: Is there a way to just use ui/stdtoolbars.ui to just 
add a new toolbar and leave the old one untouched? Similar to .lyx/preferences? 
That would be much better, e.g. with respect to future lyx updates... (if I add 
this to the wiki, and stdtoolbars.ui changes in the next version, users will 
give you _weird_ error reports).



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