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Tables cannot be broken horizontally when they are too wide, therefore your float is too wide. So you have to assure that the table fits the width. I corrected your example see attached.

So, if I understand the whole thing right, if I insert a figure, I can set it to 100% col but if I insert a table I can only set the width- percentages for each table column not for the whole table. Is that right? So if I have a table with let's say 10 columns, I have to set each column to 10% of the textwidth? Or is there an easier way?

When you are using figure floats, set the figure width to max. 100 col% and the float will respect the text column width.

- you are using in your preamble many LaTeX-packages. Do you really need all of them? If not it is more safe to use only the packages one really needs.

Yes, I really need most of them. But some of them I only left them %ed inside the preamble, for my personal reference ;-)

- you have a table within a figure float, but probably only an oversight

No, but this is maybe a more general thing. I use tables in my example to properly set the stars in a vertical line above each other. I didn't know better. In a WYSWYG-Software I would use tabstops to get this formatting. But there is no easy way to achieve this in Lyx/ Latex, or – well – this may be my oversight. I use figure floats because these really are – seen from their content – figures and not tables. Do you have an idea how I can get the same formatting without using tables?

- figure captions are usually below the image while table captions are above the table

Yes, I changed this, as I thought it would be nicer to have all float captions above. Or is there a deeper typesetter's-sense of having them below for figures?

Thanks a lot for your help and comments, Uwe.

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