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Hi, thank you for the response:

On Mac, BibLaTeX should go in ~/Library/texmf/.... (Make sure you put
the biblatex.bst file in the bibtex/bst/ directory, and everything
else in the tex/latex/ directory

Ok, everything was where you say.

Biblatex.module was in the ~/application support/Lyx–1.6/Layouts

All the files of the latex directory of the packet I've downloaded was in
the  ~/tex/latex/biblatex directory

biblatex.bst was in ~/Library/Texmf/Bibtex/bst

At this point, in the Readme of Biblatex say

"[…] and the file in the 'bibtex' directory [it refers to biblatex.bst] to

I just create this directory and put the biblatex.bst there. Now I hace two
biblatex.bst, one in ~/Library/Texmf/Bibtex/bst and another
in ~/Library/Texmf/Bibtex/bst/biblatex

"Make sure you do texhash (not "rehash" as you say above);

I'm sorry!. I did sudo texhash, but I wrote rehash in the post. Was an error
while writing…

I've done texhash and reconfigure, but the module doesnt appears in the D

It doesn't work because I have two biblatex.module files or two

Now I'm making the references manually —make a footnote and write the whole reference. Copy it into the biliography append, and its OK. And I can put Ibíd or Op. cit.!— Works very fine and whithout downloading anything!. Really, I need to make the references automatically, I'm typing a lot of
them, but i don't know what happens with my Lyx.



Hi there,

I'm using Biblatex successfully without anything selected in Document- >Settings->Modules. Perhaps this step isn't necessary? As it happens I don't have a Biblatex option to select here, just as yourself. (In fact, I'm not 100% sure a biblatex module was available for download when I set Biblatex up on my machine a month or two ago.)

I have 'default' selected in Document->Settings->Bibliography and the following two lines in preamble:

\bibliography{<name of bib file without .bib extension>}

Everything has worked for me with no problems. Chicago notes is a suitable whole reference citation format - but you'll need to download the relevant files http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/help/Catalogue/entries/biblatex-chicago-notes-df.html . The documentation is clear - put things where it says and it should work fine.

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