Thank you Uwe for your help. In the mean time, Bob Betz has indicated me
that the standard server is working now and it does indeed and I have been
able complete the instalaltion today.
Thanks to both of you!

Thanks also to the developpers of course. I am very grateful to them for
taking on their time to give us such a beatiful and smart software. I mean
And, last but not least, thanks to all members of the list. I do not always
reply (except if I have my to cents to try to help), but I learn a lot from
this list, and the level and the tone of the discussion are a real pleasure
(you probably perfectly understand me if you follow other software lists ;-)

Best regards,


2009/6/10 Uwe Stöhr <>

> Murat Yildizoglu schrieb:
>  So, I am a little bit lost at this stage.
> When you reinstall LyX using the alternative Windows installer. it should
> work, because this installer uses more mirror servers to assure that the
> Aspell dictionaries can be installed. I just tested that it works.
> regards Uwe

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