2009/6/11 Michael Gasperl <mich...@gasperl.at>

> Hi! I have the following Problem:
> LyX 1.6.2 crashes regularily while i scroll down in a bigger document.
> This only happens if showing graphics is enabled. How can I solve this
> problem?
> Thank you very much!

I cannot reproduce the problem.

1) Are you using 32bit or 64bit Ubuntu?
2) Can you send a document that reproduces the problem?

It would also help if you could run LyX in a debugger.

Either install a later version of LyX from source (this may fix the problem
anyway) or install the Ubuntu ddebs. Compiling sounds tricky, but the
following commands should suffice in a terminal

sudo aptitude build-dep lyx
wget -c ftp://ftp.lyx.org/pub/lyx/stable/1.6.x/lyx-1.6.3.tar.bz2
tar -jxf lyx-1.6.3.tar.bz2
cd lyx-1.6.3
./configure && make
gdb src/lyx

Cause LyX to crash, and then type


To get the backtrace, and then cut-and-paste it here.

Feel free to discuss any problems here, or directly to me.

John C. McCabe-Dansted
PhD Student
University of Western Australia

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