Thanks again.

I have now been sent some trial code that works with Lyx/SWeave/R on Linux, but it is doing nothing on my Mac (with a fresh file). So I suspect there may be a real issue here rather than it me.

The strange syntax thing seems to have gone away now, so not sure what was going on there.

I think I am stuck now :-(


Anders Ekberg wrote:
On 12 jun 2009, at 11.06, Graham Smith wrote:


Anders Ekberg wrote:
You can always try to change the encoding, e.g. using TextWrangler and see if that changes anything.
I'm sorry to say I don't how to do this. Do you mean my little bit of code giving me problems or do you mean the entire Lyx file.

If its the former do I change the encoding and paste it back into Lyx. I'm afraid I am over my threshold of understanding here.

Yes, that was the quick-and-dirty idea. Open in TextWrangler, use save as... and click option to specify the encoding you want (there are probably much fancier ways of doing it).

However, if I type the commands into an Emacs buffer I get some strange syntax handling

cabbages$Year<-recode(cabbages$Year,'"X2001"="2001;"X2002"="2002"; etc

With the "X2001"="2001" the " and the numbers are pink (including the X) and the = is black the ; is also pink and the ' is black

but in the

"X2002"="2002" this is reversed the " and the ; are still pink but so is the = sign. The X2002 and 2002 are now black, which is the pattern that persists for the rest of the code.

This is defenitely far over my (very low) threshold of understanding ;-)


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