With help from Anders and Jay, part of this problem seems to be solved.

Some sample code from Jay, refused to run until the document settings were changed to use utf8 encoding.

This worked for the sample code, but didn't help with my code.

However, I notice that with my code in the latex code window, the code is highlighted between the $ signs at the start of the code


I wonder if this suggests that the $ sign is being interpreted in some odd way.


Graham Smith wrote:
I've started using Sweave and having a problem

The code in Lyx is

library (car)

cabbages$Year<-recode(cabbages$Year,'"X2001"="2001";"X2002"="2002";"X2003"="2003"; etc

But its appearing in the PDF as

> cabbages$Year <- recode(cabbages$Year, "\"X2001\"=\"2001\";\"X2002\"=\"2002\";\"X2003\"=\"2003\";\ etc

And obviously isn't working as printing out incorrectly.

Can anyone suggest what is happening here.

Many thanks,


Graham M Smith

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