Guenter Milde wrote:
On 2009-06-15, Alex Fernandez wrote:
... let us see if we can get constructive and get
something out of this discussion.

What we can actually do is: you, or someone else who has taken the
trouble to make the output look good on their favorite platform, can
send me your CSS files (or a patch against mine). Then I can try to
blend those in and still keep the sane look on Debian. Probably we can
find a combination of fonts and sizes that look good on the most
popular platforms. We can do it; we have already got the character set
mostly right thanks to a similar effort by another user. Now is time
for good typography!

You could also set up a repository for user-contributed CSS styles.

It seems my previous post got lost, so I am reposting (with little changes), but without attaching the CSS file.

As example, by modifying line 5 of lyx.css from
    font: x-small serif;
    font: small sans-serif;

and then adding the line
    font-family: serif;
to ".formula", the text is more web-styled (i.e. it uses sans-serif fonts (formulas stay in serif) and fonts are a little larger.

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PS: For windows users without python installed, modify the lyx->html line (see recent discussions)
python $$s/scripts/ $$i $$o
python $$s/scripts/ --css=lyx_sans.css $$i $$o

and drop the modified CSS (saved here as "lyx_sans.css") with the html file.

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